Friday, August 1, 2008

Republicans Protest Adjournment, Refuse to Leave House Floor

An historic moment. Call them back Mr President! Make them do their job. It is my understanding that their were democrats who voted against adjournment as well. If your was one of the Representatives who voted against adjournment so that the House could have an up or down vote on the issue of offshore drilling then send them an e-mail or make a phone call to tell them how proud you are of them. If they voted for vacation then they voted against doing what is right for the American people then call them and tell them shame on them-then vote them out in November
Fox WASHINGTON — The last House vote before a vacation usually sparks a stampede toward the doors and waiting planes. Not so Friday, when Republicans occupied the House floor for a rare, and at times bizarre, protest against Democratic energy policies.
The microphones were off, the House had stopped TV feeds to C-Span and the lights dimmed after the pre-noon vote to adjourn for the August recess. That didn't deter Republicans, who one after another rose to demand that Congress stay in session until it does something
about high gas prices.
Unlike a normal session where the rules of decorum are strictly enforced, GOP lawmakers and their aides who filled the chamber clapped, chanted, gave standing ovations and booed the Democrats.
"Madame Speaker, where art thou?" shouted out Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, in a glancing rhetorical shot at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. "Where oh where has Congress
gone?" (more)

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