Friday, June 5, 2009

White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar

Hold onto your arse with both hands folks! This will assure the failing companies go down the toilet. Can you say Marxism, sure you can. We all know what stellar people the government attracts, notwithstanding the phenomenal pay. Why the benefits are better than the union. So when does the government start dictating wages in private companies, wait…..banks, GM, Chrysler, are government companies, never mind. They can dictate what they earn, the business model, etc. works for the post office! Surely the government would not further interfere with privately owned industry.

Why do I need to bail out failing companies? What happened to capitalism? Let them fail; those that retool will come out stronger on the other side. Well we can keep printing trillions more, however our currency is becoming/is worthless. Remember what Germany did? Do we not learn from others past mistakes?

The shear arrogance of the politicians is now growing by leaps and bounds. We are fast approaching totalitarianism as we watch freedom disappear in the rearview mirror. But who cares, won’t it be great! Sleeping in a government bed after a long night of government TV, or maybe a reading a nice piece of government propaganda, waking up to a bowl of government toasties, before climbing into our Pelosi mobile to head to that government job. Won’t have to worry about gas, I still have some left on my ration card.

Of course with Czar’s you can give people power without vetting through the Senate. Can you believe this list; I thought czars were a bad thing. Of course this can't all be blamed on Obama; both sides of the isle have dirty hands in this.

CyberSpace Czar
Technology Czar
Drug Czar
Copyright Czar
Climate Czar
Car Czar
Energy Czar
Health Care Czar
WMD Czar
Education Czar
Economic Czar
Housing Czar
Mortgage Czar
Border Czar
Pay Czar
Intelligence Czar
Green Czar
Guantánamo closure Czar
Stimulus Czar
Regulatory Czar

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Joker 1

On recommendation from the Acton blog I just finished reading "Joker 1" a story of Marine action in Ramadi during its most spasmodic and violent days in 2004. The story is told from the one Platoon leader's view.

I don't usually read such books but was taken in (and not disappointed) with Acton Blog's review:

This book is receiving considerable press attention and Campbell’s ability to convey love the way he does has to be a big reason for the popularity of the book. Campbell movingly says about his own Marines in the opening chapter, “And I hope and pray that whoever reads this story will know my men as I do, and that knowing them, they too might come to love them.”

Campbell’s account looks at the seven and a half months in which he serves as a platoon leader in some of the fiercest fighting of the Iraq war, which occurred in Ramadi in 2004. Before the Marine Corps, Campbell was an undergraduate at Princeton who spent a summer completing the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS) because he thought it would look good on his resume. Campbell says he hated the entire program, and didn’t think twice about joining since he hadn’t taken any money from the Corps, and therefore didn’t owe them anything. He would ultimately change his mind however as graduation approached.

If love and leadership are recurrent themes, it is often discussed from a faith perspective, and Campbell is somebody who has thought seriously about his own faith and what that means for him and his men. Campbell talks about how before each combat mission he huddles up with his platoon for prayer, which often included reciting the twenty-third Psalm. “I had a responsibility to my men to provide for all their needs, and those included their spiritual as well as their material ones,” says Campbell. He also discusses some of his early thoughts on the prayer ritual before each mission:

Deep in my heart, I believed that prayer would work without fail, that if together Joker One prayed long and hard enough, God would spare us all from Mac’s fate [another Marine seriously wounded by a road side bomb]. What I know now, and which didn’t occur to me then, was that by praying as I prayed, and hoping what I hoped, and believing what I believed, I was effectively reducing God to a result-dispensing genie who, if just fed the proper incantations, would give the sincere petitioner (me) the exact outcome desired.

This book is masterful at tracing the growth and experience of Campbell’s theological progression just as it does concerning his leadership skills, decision making ability, and the moral questions he asks himself. Where prayer before was focused more on personal safety, He says it changed even more as the chaos and random violence surged. “To those who sought it, the prayer also provided some comfort that God was in control, that their lives had worth and meaning stemming from an absolute source,” says Campbell.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday

You may or may not realize that I am not exclusively responsible for the content posted on this site. I have a little help now and again for which I am grateful as it is usually provided when I am swamped with one thing or another and unable to post.

One of the posters is Chewy who is older than dirt and turns half a century old today. I've posted a picture here from a few years ago. I won't tell you which one he is so as to respect his privacy.

His posting name will be changed henceforth (or at least for today) to Gummy. I have not increased the size of the font in this post so his wife will have to read it to him.

Chewy and his wife used to be part of my Sunday School class till they moved to a different church. The church they presently attend has high fiber bran muffins and hearing assistance. Though I miss having them in class, Chewy is happier there and more regular (ahem) in his attendance.

Chewy was in the Navy but left when they retired the last of the wooden ships since they no longer needed his particular skill of keeping the sails filled when the winds died down.

Remember - Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened!

Blessings and Happy Birthday, Chewy. May you have many more!

Monday, June 1, 2009

American capitalism gone with a whimper

The world isn’t laughing with us, even with our new found celebrity and respect. I thought this was a very interesting article that hits very close to home. We have been on the downhill path since Teddy Roosevelt pulled us away from the Constitution and put us on the path of Progressivism. Notwithstanding the huge leap his cousin took us toward Marxism.

For the first time in my life I am actually becoming a political activist. I have been complacent, but it is time to be heard. Although if I write many more letters to my “government representatives”, HA! They may give me my own zip code!

At least Obama is guaranteeing the warranty on my GM (Government Motors) Equinox!

9-12 Project.