Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cocaine traced to Venezuelan jungles

From WND:
UK estimates 250 tons shipped in just 6 months.
LONDON -- Anti-drug specialists for Britain's MI6 intelligence service are spearheading a deadly new war in the jungles of Venezuela where President Hugo Chavez' revolutionary regime apparently has allowed a key trafficking route for 90 percent of the cocaine sold on Britain’s streets..."We estimate that over 250 tons of cocaine has passed through Venezuela in the past six months. This is five times more than in the past two years," states an MI6 report to Britain's Home Office.
MI6 officers operating in the high-danger steamy jungles of Venezuela have established that senior commanders in the country's security forces are "profiting from the smuggling by actively helping smugglers by allowing them to use military airfields
." (more)

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