Saturday, November 15, 2008

Obama's Kulturkampf

More required reading from First Things:
...This awareness that Christians are different, and different in ways that make a very big difference, will, I expect sharply increase in the months and years ahead. For all of President-elect Obama’s wafting language about bringing us together, healing divisions, and so on and so on, if he seriously intends to follow through on his extremist abortion views, we are headed for the intensification of an American version of the Kulturkampf that Bismarck came to rue. The focus is on FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act, that Obama says he wants to sign on his first day in office. This act would eliminate the very modest restraints and regulations established by states, provide government funding for abortions, and in its present form, require religiously sponsored hospitals and clinics to perpetrate abortions or go out of business....
The aggressor in the opening phases of this Kulturkampf is the Obama administration. ...
...If President-elect Obama does what he says he wants to do, this champion of national unity will preside over one of the most divisive periods in American history.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Coming Culture of Coercion

You couldn't come up with a better title to describe the road before us, than this one over at MereComments:
The coercion is inevitable on many fronts because these things are on a collision course. Opposition to many "rights" (the right to a dead fetus, the right to a dead newborn if the abortion is botched, the right for a man to "marry" a man, the right to force a baby to be raised by two males without a mother, and so on) will be counted as "hate speech" and the courts will order the incarceration of the "hateful." Wolves must be let into the sheep pen because keeping them out would be intolerant.
We already knew that same sex marriage isn't tolerant but as if to underscore the point and take it to the next lower level, we have this over at Beetle Blogger on the targeting of supporters of Prop 8 out in California.
Also noted by Beetle: It would appear that the LA Times is "Aiding and Abetting Gay Activist Vigilantes"
Chilling times folks. And it's not even January...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Re-storm the castle in 2010 and 2012? Fat chance

Mandatory reading from the Spectator. Take the time to read it all:
Fly, meet ointment: We're not dealing with the same sorts of opponents. These New Alinskyites who are taking over the White House, combined with the most leftist congressional leadership in memory, will not let us play by the same rules under which conservatives recovered from those earlier debacles. They will try to drastically tilt the playing field, seed our side of the field with land mines and, in short, rig the process to make it next to impossible for the political right, or Republicans, to recover. And they are likely to succeed in at least some of these designs.

It will begin with their efforts to secure a filibuster-proof majority of 60 senators (including the two independents). Right now the libs (and yes, all the Democratic senators, with the possible exception of Nebraska's Ben Nelson, are libs) have 56, with three Republican moderates and one conservative leading their races but awaiting recounts or runoffs. Watch for the Alinskyites to try stealing all four, and to succeed in at least two. We've seen this game before. They did it in Indiana's "Bloody Eighth" congressional district in 1984. They almost succeeded in 2000 in Florida. They did succeed, outrageously so, in the Washington State governor's race in 2004. Those are just the most obvious of many similar examples. And now they are even more ruthless, more lawyered-up, and in a more powerful position to pull it off than they were in any of those instances. (more )

Communists and Dictators Cheer Obama

Communist Party ecstatic over '08 election results

People's Weekly World Newspaper: Jubilation and celebration, yes, along with realization that the hard work is just beginning


Farrakhan Praises Obama

Plan leaked for 'civilian security force'?

From WND:
...So, it won't be the nasty federal government forcing your kids to donate their time to government-approved service, it'll be the local schools – but that requirement will be among the strings attached to federal money," Tuccille writes.
Obama's selection of an advocate for mandatory civil service, Rahm Emanuel, as his chief of staff has further worried bloggers that Obama's plans may be more "requirement" than "encouragement."
In his book, "The Plan: Big Ideas for America," Emanuel writes: "It's time for a real Patriot Act that brings out the patriot in all of us. We propose universal civilian service for every young American.
Under this plan, all Americans between the ages of 18 and 25 will be asked to serve their country by going through three months of basic training, civil defense preparation and community service."
Tuccille comments, "Emanuel and co-author Bruce Reed insist 'this is not a draft,' but go on to write of young men and women, 'the nation will enlist them for three months of civilian service.' They also warn, 'Some Republicans will squeal about individual freedom,' ruling out any likelihood that they would let people opt out of universal citizen service."
Obama has also yet to clarify what he meant during his July "Call to Service" speech in Colorado Springs, in which he insisted the U.S. "cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set" and needs a "civilian national security force."...

Durbin, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi - clear about their support for silencing talk radio through the Fairness Doctrine

From Human Events:
...In a Fox News interview, Schumer said, “The very same people who don’t want the Fairness Doctrine want the FCC to limit pornography on the air. I am for that… But you can’t say government hands off in one area to a commercial enterprise but you are allowed to intervene in another.” This is just Schumer’s attempt to justify reinstating the Fairness Doctrine, which was a FCC regulation that Ronald Reagan struck down in 1987. It required that radio stations which aired an hour of one type of media -- conservative talk radio for example -- air an equal amount of an opposing viewpoint -- liberal talk radio in this instance. Reagan saw this law for what it was: a means to stifle free, market-driven speech, and he liberated us from it. When he did, Limbaugh took to the airwaves in Sacramento, California. ... (more)