Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poll: Support for Homosexual "Marriage" Grows in US

July 28, 2008 ( - A US poll suggests that support for homosexual unions, including homosexual "marriage," is on the increase. Angus Reid found in a survey of 1,783 US voters that 32 percent said they would vote to allow homosexual partners to contract legal marriages. Only 29 percent said they would grant homosexual partnerings no legal recognition. (more)
We are losing the argument because we are not involved in the discussion. We are not doing are part to teach people. We are allowing our children to be indoctrinated in our public schools. We are letting this be framed as a civil rights issue (it's not). Or allowing the claim that science has declared it a fact (science has not made such a statement) and we have failed to explain that marriage (not redefined) forms a strong foundation for society and is important for the health and vigor of the culture itself.

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