Monday, July 19, 2010

68+ Miles, 55lbs, 11 Days

I just finished a Philmont hike with my son and others from his Troop. That's where I've been. Apologies for comments and visits that have gone unnoticed, for comments unapproved for so long, for the absence of posts. Between digging ditches in Costa Rica and the hike through the Northern New Mexico mountains, this Summer has almost killed me. But it wasn't me that had to be carted off the mountain. Nor was it me, who opted out of certain hikes (though I thought seriously about it- and often) Yes, my knees gave out the last half mile or so and I hobbled through the gate, but I did it with a full pack with no one's help. I am officially old. And the Tooth of Time has indeed chewed on me. Here are some pictures. More details later.