Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Night With a Beer (or whatever) -Part 2

We went on a kayak trip down a rain swollen river today, the scout troop and I, and save for a nasty sunburn on the top of my foot (actually both-but one is decidedly worse than the other)  I fared fairly well. The water was moving faster and higher than we had ever seen it on our annual trips down the Guadalupe, taking almost two hours off the trip (though part of that was due to the fact that we did not stop and swim as usual).
Good fun but I am fairly whacked.

Still, I cannot forgo a new tradition on only its second night, so here we go.

Here is tonight's question. Once again, feel free to change the question around or add your own completely different question.

France and Belgium have recently gone about banning, or attempting to ban the Muslim veils. Switzerland has passed legislation in the the same regards concerning new Minarets.
Do you think this is a result of a position against Muslims, a security issue or an attempt at preserving specific cultural identity? Or perhaps a combination of all three or some thing else?

I'm working on getting chat added to the blog to make these discussions easier but until then, we'll have to make due with the comments.

Friday, May 14, 2010

BREAKING: Oliver North Confirms Mullah Omar Capture

This has been talked about for a few days. The article provides interesting perspective on behind the scenes complexities of approaching peace talks etc.

Mullah Omar Capture

Holder hasn't read Arizona law he criticized - Washington Times

I don't know why this should surprise me but it still does. Most disturbing is his statement that he has gotten his information from the newspapers and TV. Good grief.

- Washington Times

and if that wasn't enough...

AG Eric Holder Refuses to Say 'Radical Islam' Is a Cause of Terrorism Committed by Muslims

Total incompetance or ignorance, or both.

NRO asks the very relevant question:
"How can you ever hope to stop something when you refuse even to speak its name?"

This is something right out of "Harry Potter."