Sunday, July 27, 2008

McDonald's hears: 'I'm NOT lovin' it!'

I don't typically get involved in boycotts. I don't think they are terribly effective. But when the executives in a company discount my religious beliefs as "hatred" they obviously don't need my money.

From WND:
The corporate headquarters for McDonald's is hearing from store managers in California that customers are upset over the company's pro-homosexual advocacy and they aren't going to take it any longer.
Yuriy Popko, one of several Christians who staged a sign-waving protest at the Golden Arches in Citrus Heights today, said the protest at that location was suspended when store officials agreed to convey protesters' objections to the corporate office.....
...The pro-family groups are encouraging families to do two things: sign, print and distribute a Boycott McDonald's petition at; and call the local McDonald's to politely tell the manager they are boycotting the chain until it stops promoting the "gay" agenda.
McDonald's officials declined to return a WND call seeking comment on the placement of its executive on the "gay" advocacy organization. But the corporation sent a subsequent e-mail confirming its support for the agenda of the homosexual business lobby.
"McDonald's is indeed a Corporate Partner and Organizational Ally of NGLCC. Our vice president of U.S. communications, Richard Ellis, was recently elected to its board of directors," said the brief statement to WND from Heidi M. Barker, senior director of media relations.
A spokeswoman for NGLCC refused to speak with WND except on "background" when asked about McDonald's financial contribution to the group. But she did confirm the organization would not release information on its sponsors.
But Christians were further angered when a McDonald's executive said the
company would continue its campaign against such "hate."
Note: Concerned individuals may
e-mail McDonald's corporate headquarters or call 1-800-244-6227. (entire article)