Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Navy SEALs Face Assault Charges for Capturing Most-Wanted Terrorist

The world is upside down. This makes me sick to my stomach that we no longer support our troops. I cannot explain how sad this makes me, there are those that have served that understand.

Instead of supporting them we want to prosecute them for following orders. Captain’s Mast for a fat lip!? I praise and support these Navy brothers for taking this to Court Marshall. There was a time I recommended Military Service for friends and relatives. I can no longer do that in good conscience. They have lost the support of their Government. They should get out of the service.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sign The Manhattan Declaration!

H/T Touchstone.
Attention! From the signers of Manhattan Declaration, :

We invite you to join with other Christians across the nation who support the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and religious liberty by endorsing the Manhattan Declaration.

Throughout the centuries, God has graciously provided His people with teachers and prophetic voices who apply His word to the critical issues of the day and who lead their hearers to embrace His life-giving authority and counsel in the midst of cultural madness. The Manhattan Declaration extends and honors that tradition, and we urge you to join us in affirming it. The Manhattan Declaration addresses with urgent eloquence the devaluation of human life, the corruption of marriage, and the erosion of religious liberty. With careful instruction, it brings light and clarity to all who read it. We trust that millions of believers will sign it, that countless others will be drawn or driven to give it fair consideration, and that our society will be changed by its strong yet sweetly reasonable message.

The Manhattan Declaration will be released this Friday, November 20, 2009, at a press conference in Washington D.C. It bears the signatures of many religious leaders, but this is just the beginning. The list of supports will grow dramatically in a short time and those who most need to hear this word will not be able to escape or downplay it. So please endorse this document by your signature and spread the word to others who might endorse it as well. Thank you.

Click here to view the Manhattan Declaration and lend your name to those who have already signed:

Who Signed?