Sunday, June 7, 2009

As America has done unto Israel

I just finished a very interesting book "As America has done unto Israel", great book! It is interesting to see the ties between America and the Jewish people and their importance to where we are today as a country.

It also ties disasters here in the states to our mistreatment of Israel. And finally, a little prophecy on what God has in store for us. It is biblically based and a book I would recommend. I found it very interesting and just another step in my journey with Jesus Christ.

In God We Trust

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eutychus said...

I'm always a bit wary of books that profess prophesy in this day and age but do agree that supporting Israel is in our best interests for a number of reasons..

Chewy said...

I will loan you my copy if interested. As far as I am concerned prophecy should be taken with a grain of salt. Get five scholars in a room and you will have six different views. I found the history to be the most interesting part.