Friday, June 5, 2009

White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar

Hold onto your arse with both hands folks! This will assure the failing companies go down the toilet. Can you say Marxism, sure you can. We all know what stellar people the government attracts, notwithstanding the phenomenal pay. Why the benefits are better than the union. So when does the government start dictating wages in private companies, wait…..banks, GM, Chrysler, are government companies, never mind. They can dictate what they earn, the business model, etc. works for the post office! Surely the government would not further interfere with privately owned industry.

Why do I need to bail out failing companies? What happened to capitalism? Let them fail; those that retool will come out stronger on the other side. Well we can keep printing trillions more, however our currency is becoming/is worthless. Remember what Germany did? Do we not learn from others past mistakes?

The shear arrogance of the politicians is now growing by leaps and bounds. We are fast approaching totalitarianism as we watch freedom disappear in the rearview mirror. But who cares, won’t it be great! Sleeping in a government bed after a long night of government TV, or maybe a reading a nice piece of government propaganda, waking up to a bowl of government toasties, before climbing into our Pelosi mobile to head to that government job. Won’t have to worry about gas, I still have some left on my ration card.

Of course with Czar’s you can give people power without vetting through the Senate. Can you believe this list; I thought czars were a bad thing. Of course this can't all be blamed on Obama; both sides of the isle have dirty hands in this.

CyberSpace Czar
Technology Czar
Drug Czar
Copyright Czar
Climate Czar
Car Czar
Energy Czar
Health Care Czar
WMD Czar
Education Czar
Economic Czar
Housing Czar
Mortgage Czar
Border Czar
Pay Czar
Intelligence Czar
Green Czar
Guantánamo closure Czar
Stimulus Czar
Regulatory Czar


beetlebabee said...

It's shocking how fast things have gotten out of control recently. Both sides have blame, but the last six months have been mind boggling. Did you see the Pravda article out of Russia on this?

"The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker."

Chewy said...

Yes I did, as a matter of fact if you scroll down you'll see my post. If anybody would know.....