Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Anchoress

A really good blog going over at The Anchoress, one to which I would aspire to emulate if I had time.....and writing skills.....and knowlege..... and... oh well, its good reading. Here is a sample:

Barack Obama continues to slowly reveal himself to the people he has been elected to serve.
He told us
something about himself when he put the murder of an abortionist over the murder of one of his soldiers. The death of the abortionist was immediately condemned with a security deployment ordered. It took days upon days for the death of his soldier, at the hands of a convert-to-Islam intent on mayhem, to be acknowledged with the release of a woefully inadequate and rather cold expression of “sadness” at the murder of a soldier who had volunteered to serve under him. Barack Obama revealed himself in those stories.
And now, he is in Cairo, saying
Ich Bin Ein Muslimer!
In Obama’s giving
a 6,000 word speech we see his lighter side as he lectures the whole world, and everything that has ever come before him, with the lolcats messages, “yer doin’ it wrong! I fix!”, and “I wuvs you, now be nice” and “Interwebz is danger!
Speaking of self-revelation, in the past President Obama has written and talked about how he has been exposed to Islam all his life and has stated that the Muslim Call to Prayer is
“one of the prettiest sounds on earth”. He then recited the call in “a first-class accent” (that line no longer exists in the New York Times). Just recently Obama - who made a fuss if anyone mentioned his middle name, Hussein, during the 2008 campaign - has made much of his familial connections to Islam.

Good, thoughtful writing too as evidenced by this article (and others):

Bonhoeffer was a brilliant theologian; his book The Cost of Discipleship is one of those books a Christian reader goes back to again and again in the course of growth. In weighing the moral question of obedience to institutions who were exceeding their own rights, he once argued, "if a teacher says to a child, 'did your father come home drunk again last night,' is the child bound to tell the truth?" Bonhoeffer decided no, the teacher [institution] had intruded beyond her scope, and therefore the child, to honor his father, is not obligated to subject him to judgment or mockery, or for that matter governmental intrusion. Bonhoeffer was, in the course of a terrible war, able to extrapolate that small, defensive lie into a plot to assassinate Hitler.Rick and Charlie’s questions are sound, but one fears where theirthinking may lead. Bonhoeffer was a unique individual with a very healthy mind and tremendous depth of faith, and he was coming at his issue without carrying forty years of political baggage that could further influence his thinking to a place of imbalance. As extraordinary as he was, Bonhoeffer understood that his uniqueness in no way excepted him from the fact that what he was attempting was an evil—his evil, wholly distinct from Hitler's own evil—and one for which he would be held to account. (more)

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