Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missiles in the Skies

Not sure what to make of this quite yet. This morning I came across this story form the Houston Chronicle about the sighting by an ExpressJet pilot of what he thought was a missile:

Liberty County Sheriff’s officials are expected to meet with the FAA on Tuesday to discuss what a Continental Express pilot reported as a “missile or rocket” flying near his airplane. (For an update on this story, click here.)
A pilot reported to the Federal Aviation Administration that at about 8:15 p.m. Friday, an object passed within 150 feet beneath the aircraft, sheriff’s officials said.
The aircraft was near the southern edge of the county, flying at about 13,000 feet, officials said.
“The pilot, from what we understand, was former military.

So I begin to look around for more information on the subject. I type in "FAA" and "missile." I figure there can't be but the one story. But I was wrong.

I found another story about another airline, this time Southwest, and another missile at about the same time. This one has a video over at one of the conspiracy sites. Though not one to put much weight on the things to be found at such sites, the video speaks for itself.

And it makes me wonder....ya know?

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