Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama's (In)Justice Department

The Justice Department is turning a blind eye toward voter intimidation and radical black muslims while increasing attention on Pro-Life groups.
First from the WSJ:

...Exhibit A: Justice's inexplicable dismissal of a civil lawsuit for voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party. The Black Panthers weren't content to endorse Barack Obama. They sent their members to the polls last November to "patrol election sites." Fox News aired a video of two Black Panthers in military-style uniforms in a Philadelphia precinct. One of them was carrying a nightstick....

...Exhibit B: Justice recently stopped Georgia from implementing a key provision of the Help America Vote Act. Passed in 2002, the act requires states to verify the accuracy of information voters provide on their registration forms by comparing it with state driver's license and Social Security records -- a sensible requirement. With input from Justice Department lawyers in 2008, Georgia implemented this verification process, including checking the citizenship status of applicants. It is a violation of federal and state law for a noncitizen to register and vote in federal and state elections....(more)

Now according to the American Spectator:

Marcel Reid wants answers.
Reid, of the
ACORN 8 (a breakaway group of ACORN officials demanding an accounting from ACORN's leadership) posed 31 questions to an ACORN-CCI executive board meeting in July 2008 but failed to get answers. CCI, which stands for Citizens Consulting Inc., is the ultra-secretive financial heart of the ACORN network through which millions of dollars routinely pass. (more)

The article asks bloggers for assistance. You'd think it would be an excellent time for the Justice Department to step in, wouldn't you? Think that's gonna happen? Yeah, me neither.

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