Monday, November 24, 2008

Mein Kampus

From American Thinker:
...I thought that I could not be shocked any more by the Stalinist mindset on college campuses. I was wrong.
My wife's friend, a middle aged woman going back to school to get a degree in Criminal Justice, took a course entitled "Ethics and Criminal Justice." She lives in a very conservative community in a very conservative state. The university she attends would never be considered a hotbed for radicals. Her course of study is not political science, sociology, psychology or some other field which may naturally attract idealistic Leftists. She rather took a course in criminal justice, more of a hard-line conservative discipline.
So imagine my surprise when she shared with me "Course Paper / Fall 2008" instructions. The mandatory topic of this paper was the firing of U.S. Attorneys by the Attorney General. The "Bush White House" is accused of using the Justice Department to suppress voter turnout (perhaps this professor never heard of ACORN registering Mickey Mouse and household pets to vote in presidential elections, or perhaps this is not an ethical problem.)
The professor's written instructions harangue students to rely upon facts, not political opinions, in writing the paper and to use at least fifteen different sources. All sources, however, were not equal. Three of those fifteen sources were required to come out of the New York Times; five of those sources were required to come out of the Washington Post; two of those sources had to be the Guardian. Ten of the fifteen mandatory sources, in other words, had to come from periodicals rabidly hostile to President Bush. Three of the citations had to come from articles by Dana Priest of the Washington Post. But that was not all. No credit at all would be given for using sources that "have a reputation within the news industry for distributing their own political views at the expense of the facts, e.g. Fox News."

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