Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coercion Culture Begins

Remember the post The Coming Culture of Coercion?
Well, it's here...
Inquiry Set on Mormon Aid for California Marriage Vote
SAN FRANCISCO — California officials will investigate accusations that the Mormon Church neglected to report a battery of nonmonetary contributions — including phone banks, a Web site and commercials — on behalf of a ballot measure to ban same-sex marriage. (more)
Gay Rights Advocates Breaking out the Bully Tactics Against American Business
Foxnews reported on eHarmony’s capitulation to demands that they provide dating services to the gay community even though eHarmony’s formulas are based on years of research into traditional relationships between a man and a woman…not homosexual relationships. Not only is eHarmony building a brand new business from the ground up, complete with new research and methods aimed at matching homosexual couples, but the agreement includes cash incentives and free memberships for the plaintiffs as well as mandating that eHarmony increase “gay awareness” in the workplace.

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