Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black leaders: De-fund 'racist' Planned Parenthood

Let's hope this catches on...
From WND:
A Republican congressman joined black pastors and pro-life activists in a demonstration at Planned Parenthood offices in the nation's capital today to protest an alleged pattern of racist practices by the abortion provider.
"African-Americans are having abortions at a hugely disproportionate rate according to their population, and Planned Parenthood has no shame whatsoever in accepting money that specifically targets our community," said Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union...

...The leaders presented documentation of an undercover investigation, reported by WND, in which a pro-life student magazine at UCLA found Planned Parenthood staffers in seven states were willing to accept a financial donation targeting the destruction of an unborn black baby.
The letter says the conversations with the Planned Parenthood workers "are haunting and chilling, sounding more like 1958 than 2008."
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson at Planned Parenthood protest in Washington, D.C., offices (Courtesy Students for Life)
"Planned Parenthood's questionable, and possibly criminal, business practices are having a profound effect on African-American communities all across this nation," the leaders write....

College threatens pro-life students with arrest

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