Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Giving thanks in times of trouble.
A good article from NRO- Happy Thanksgiving
...I’m grateful for people who, although they voted for the other guy, and are depressed and even angered by how the presidential election turned out this year, pray and wish the president-elect well, for the sake of the country. I’m grateful for all of you who have practical skills, especially medical skills. I am grateful for those who opt for low-salaried positions in religious schools because they know it takes good teachers — at home and at school — to raise a child with a moral conscience who will serve his fellow humans well. I’m grateful for those who fight for and err on the side of life. In Massachusetts, a teenage girl named Haleigh Poutre was allegedly beaten to near-death by her stepfather and determined to be a lost cause. Because someone bothered to fight for her right to stay on life support, she’s alive and doing well today....(read it all here)

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