Friday, February 8, 2008

Girly Men- The Media's Attack on Masculinity

by S. T. Karnick
The tendency of the nation’s schools to suppress boys’ natural way of seeing and doing things, brilliantly documented by Christina Hoff-Sommers in her 2001 book The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men, is becoming increasingly evident in the culture. ...

...Hence a recent Associated Press story describing how TV’s new primetime schedule “puts the softer side of men on display”:
In a number of broadcast ensembles premiering this fall, men are opening up about issues beyond sports, money, power and sexual conquests. They’re expressing their feelings—often to other men—on fatherhood, intimacy and love.
The AP story goes on to quote Nicole Vecchiarelli, entertainment director of the men’s lifestyle magazine Details, as saying of today’s men, “now it seems they can, on the inside, feel a little bit more like girls and that’s still OK....”
full article at the SALVO website here

And to kind of underscore the issue from another direction we have this over at the NY Times:

"Then a funny thing happened. The models were also downsized. Where the masculine ideal of as recently as 2000 was a buff 6-footer with six-pack abs, the man of the moment is an urchin, a wraith or an underfed runt. " see the whole article here

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