Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday

You may or may not realize that I am not exclusively responsible for the content posted on this site. I have a little help now and again for which I am grateful as it is usually provided when I am swamped with one thing or another and unable to post.

One of the posters is Chewy who is older than dirt and turns half a century old today. I've posted a picture here from a few years ago. I won't tell you which one he is so as to respect his privacy.

His posting name will be changed henceforth (or at least for today) to Gummy. I have not increased the size of the font in this post so his wife will have to read it to him.

Chewy and his wife used to be part of my Sunday School class till they moved to a different church. The church they presently attend has high fiber bran muffins and hearing assistance. Though I miss having them in class, Chewy is happier there and more regular (ahem) in his attendance.

Chewy was in the Navy but left when they retired the last of the wooden ships since they no longer needed his particular skill of keeping the sails filled when the winds died down.

Remember - Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened!

Blessings and Happy Birthday, Chewy. May you have many more!


MACW said...

LOL -- Well Happy Birthday Chewy(Gummy).

Comical post!

side note, I've having a problem with my blog, I lost all my followers and comments, and I had to re-follow (not sure whats up with that) but if you have two of me, I'm sorry! I don't know how to get followers again (going to the corner shaking my head).

eutychus said...

Glad you liked it and welcome MACW.

sorry about your follower problems. did you perhaps delete the widget inadvertantly. I think that resets the counter. so far I only have one of you. I'll come visit soon and "re-follow".

Otepoti said...

Nga mihi ki a koe, e Chewy, ki to huritau tuarima tekau.

Greetings on your fiftieth birthday, Chewy.

Defenestrate Eutychus. (He's asking for it.)


Euripides said...

This was great. I read this one to my whole family. Thanks for the good humor.

eutychus said...

Tēnā koe, Otepoti. What a neat way to send Happy BD greetings. That was Māori, correct? Did I get my "hello", correct?

Then you lapsed into Latin and got nasty. lol. Don't give Gummy any ideas, although to be fair, it's probably not a thought that is foreign to him. (pun intended)thanks for the chuckles.

Euripe- Glad you enjoyed it and I could provide a grin or two.

Chewy said...

Thanks for all of the thoughts. I was very surprised to see this picture, which took some investigative work to figure out how the illustrious eutychus came upon it, but alas, it was whom I suspected, my lovely, devious bride. It was part of an email chain from my family.

The picture is of my Great-Grandparents family, my Mother’s Mother’s family. This was taken at a get-together when my Great Uncle Pete was shipping out to WWII, he is front right. As you can tell I come from solid farm stock from SE Kansas (German decent).

Now that I am 50 a lot of life’s restrictions have been lifted, so I am told, by another devious sort.

I can say what I want and mark it off to old age. The chicks will all just think I am a dirty old man; it’s okay because they expect it. And young guys at work will come and ask for my saged advice, let them down gently so they keep coming around, but for the most part, give them a wrong, long direction, it is job security.

Oh yeah, and now it is safe to fart at the kitchen table, no need to shame the poor defenseless dog. Everyone expects that too. It is really great to get the walking farts too, like at Kmart...go for wiping out a whole aisle full of people. It is fun to hear them shout obscenities about the IF!!!

Otepoti said...

Hey, Eutychus, don't be hating. I was referring indirectly to your handle, which implies that you expect to go out the window sooner or later. And as Nietzsche says, what is falling should also be pushed:-D

Ae, he tika to reo! Tioihi! Yes, your language is correct, better than mine, because I get sloppy about macrons. He aha te take o to maturanga ki Aotearoa? How do you know so much about New Zealand?

And Chewy, you should come here and visit Rotorua - you can fart all you like, and no-one notices at all.


eutychus said...

Otepoti- lol. I've already been out the window...:-)

"How do you know so much about New Zealand?"

I must confess, I do not. but thanks to you I am learning more and more. I enjoy traveling and learning about other countries and cultures. Alas, I have not made it to your part of the world yet. and as far as my Maori language skills, well, lets just say my analytical skills are better than my ,anguage skills. In other words I cheated and looked it up. (I appreciate you including a translation when you use the language.:-))Fascinating stuff and Rotorua looks to be absolutely beautiful.

Chewy said...

Australia / New Zealand, and Antarctica are the only two continents I haven't been too. I hope to make it one day......ah to fart unmolested....