Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why Protestant/Catholic/Orthodox?

So there I was, cruising the blog list here at "The Guy in the Window", when I saw an interesting post on "And Sometimes Tea" called "Why Catholic?" When I click over to that site, what to my wondering eyes should appear but my very own question, which I had sent to Eutychus and other friends late last year!

Eutychus, thank you for forwarding that question to Red, who has put forth her own eloquent and thoughtful response. There are now two responses to her post, including one from me.

I hope all who enjoy "The Guy in the Window" will join in that discussion.

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eutychus said...

Well, it takes me a while sometimes but I usually get around to doing what I say I'll do. She is a thoughtful and, as you mentioned, eloquent writer so I knew that would be a good place to start. Her readers appear to be thoughtful as well and it is my hope that they will share their thoughts as well.