Friday, April 10, 2009

Redefining Marriage Will Cost You

A dangerous social experiment that will effect our culture and our children. How does the same sex issue effect you? Just your religious freedom and your conscience.
And so it has begun. From the Washington Post:

Faith organizations and individuals who view homosexuality as sinful and refuse to provide services to gay people are losing a growing number of legal battles that they say are costing them their religious freedom.
The lawsuits have resulted from states and communities that have banned discrimination based on sexual orientation. Those laws have created a clash between the right to be free from discrimination and the right to freedom of religion, religious groups said, with faith losing. They point to what they say are ominous recent examples:

-- A Christian photographer was forced by the New Mexico Civil Rights Commission to pay $6,637 in attorney's costs after she refused to photograph a gay couple's commitment ceremony.

-- A psychologist in Georgia was fired after she declined for religious reasons to counsel a lesbian about her relationship.

-- Christian fertility doctors in California who refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian patient were barred by the state Supreme Court from invoking their religious beliefs in refusing treatment.

-- A Christian student group was not recognized at a University of California law school because it denies membership to anyone practicing sex outside of traditional marriage. (more)

Go see the ad over at Self Evident Truths then go over to the NOM -National Organization for Marriage and get informed.


Euripides said...

Thanks for the link. That news story is disturbing because it ultimately says to religious people "get over it." Why do the religious have to change their beliefs to accommodate the gay activists?

Yours, Sincerely said...

I believe it's way more than a "get over it" message to Christians. I believe that the homosexual community is essentially sending Religion into the closet. We can believe--we just can't practice our beliefs. We can't take them into the schools, or the workplace. Where will restrictions enter next? Our places of worship? Our homes?

eutychus said...

It is striking to me that a civilization (western culture) that was born of Faith, now refuses to acknowlege it's roots and has banished religious thought and discussion. The natural consequence of course is the loss of reason.

Yours, Sincerely-
I'm afraid that it will not stop and I think these examples point to that. When our children are indoctrinated in government schools to view matters of faith as "hate speech" and "bigotry" they have already entered our homes and our places of worship.

Secular Heretic said...

The article summarises the consequences of "sexual orientation" laws nicely.

Once gay "marriage" is legalised, anyone who refuses to acknowledge it becomes a law breaker. All Christians who acknowledge that homosexual acts are sinful then become criminals