Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Have A Follower

I started this blog last year for reasons unknown except perhaps to provide a place to post news on current affairs. Now instead of telling my co-worker, "Hey listen to this," I simply post it here. I think my co-worker appreciates that I only talk half as much now as I used to.

I got the idea from a Roe V Wade sight and the Heritage Foundation. I nosed around with the "how to" of starting a blog with the intention of learning a bit and then one day publishing. Then one day I hit the wrong button and, voila, I was on line.

Now, a little over a year later there are some 200 or so folks who stop by on a given week. A few stop and read and fewer still leave a comment.

I have toyed around with various gadgets and keep the ones I like and delete the others. One gadget which has come and gone on numerous occasions is the "followers" gadget. I have removed it before as I get this weird feeling when no names appear, like being picked last for the kick-ball team.

I have a sort of kindred spirit feeling for many of the bloggers on the Blogroll as well as many readers, though many I don't know except via the blogosphere. So I put the gadget back on out of curiosity to see if anyone would admit to "following."

To my surprise, one brave soul has confessed to stopping in periodically and in honor of this trailblazing individual the gadget will remain. I can't very well yank the welcome mat now. So welcome to my new follower. Though I think I'm going to change it from "follower" to "reader" lest I get a complex and decide to run for president or something..


Euripides said...

OK - two "followers." You're right, follower sounds like some kind of cult thing going on.

eutychus said...

Cult of Curmudgeon? Hmmm.. Well, until I decide, I guess I'll just change it to "readers." Welcome.

Marcus said...

Let me know how I can contribute to your 2012 campaign - you would do a much better job than the current administration.

eutychus said...

I could screw up just as well, I guarantee it. But I do know they don't speak Austrian in Austria..