Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Texas Our Texas- All Hail the Goofy Session

Proving once again there are no limits to bad legislation we have this from the current Session:

Lawmakers seek to ban trans fats at Texas restaurants
Texas lawmakers seeking to tackle obesity have a new target: trans fat.
Restaurants in the Lone Star State wouldn't be allowed to serve foods with trans fat under a proposal

Now as a born and raised Texan I just want to ask the question on everyone's mind here in the Lone Star State: What the HELL are they talkin' about??? This is what eatin too much tofu and beansprouts will do to you- brain damage! One too many trips to New York city, I'm tellin you. They can have my Chicken Fried Steak when they pry the fork from my cold dead fingers....

In other news there is still debate (for some unknown reason) about a Voter ID Bill:

Under current law, to vote a regular ballot, voters are only required to present a voter registration certificate to a poll worker.

SB 362 would require all voters present a valid form of photo identification to the polls. If a person does not have a state ID or driver's license or other form of photo identification, they could be bring in two other forms of approved identification instead (utility bill, cable bill, etc).

That "etc." includes a voter registration card, paycheck or other government document that shows the persons address, official mail, state issued ID card, temp driving permit, hunting or fishing license or a library card.

If you don't happen to have a photo ID you can show your electric bill and a hunting license to vote, you can show your library card and your paycheck and vote, but there are yahoos who think that is too much to ask that you identify yourself to vote but by golly they're gonna try and take away my cheese enchiladas because I can't control my or my kid's weight.

The end is near folks. And it will be here sooner rather than later for the first person who lays a hand on my BBQ joint.

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