Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Revenge of the Teleprompter

While not agreeing with everything Bush did or how he did it, I was never one of the kool-aid drinking Bush haters and actually have a lot of respect for Bush as president. But, he sure could mangle a phrase and was usually good for a chuckle when he spoke.

We've been hearing how Obama is continuing many of Bush's policys regarding the economy and Iraq. Apparently he is continuing with the humor as well:

From the Times online (overseas) :

O'Bama and Cowen: the new comedy duo

Pot of shamrock smuggled through customs? Check. Matching tasteful green ties? Check. O'Bama and Brian Cowen united in their Irish roots? Check.
But the otherwise smooth St Patrick's Day ceremony at the White House hit a slight bump when it came to the speeches.

Shortly after Obama got up and extolled the relationship between Ireland and the States, Cowen got up and extolled the relationship between Ireland and the States. Word for word.
No, it wasn't a bit too much celebratory Guinness. Turns out Cowen was reading Obama's speech from an unchanged teleprompter.

Still the luck of the Irish held strong. Obama rescued the Prime Minister by offering Cowen's own speech for him, thanking himself in the process and thoroughly confusing everyone else. (more)

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Lyn said...

For those who were confused by this episode they should blame the teleprompter. Obviously it is a racist machine designed by Whitey to keep a brother down.