Friday, March 20, 2009

EDITORIAL: ACORN to count heads for Census

The fox is in the henhouse. The Obama administration is till trying to get its hands on the census. The allocation of congressional seats is at stake..

From the Washington Times:

First it was President Obama trying to break all precedent and run the 2010 census from within the White House. While the administration finally backed down from that politicization of the census, it clearly hasn't learned its lesson. Now it is having ACORN officially "partner" with the Census to help count the number of Americans in the country. It's like Santa trusting a child to tell him how many times he or she has been good in the past year. ...

...King County (Seattle) election officials were forced to remove 1,762 voter registrations submitted by one group of ACORN employees. Five employees were sentenced to jail. The Delaware County Times noted that out of 2,000 fraudulent voter registration forms in that Pennsylvania county, nearly every single one was filed by ACORN. Chicago had 10,000 false registrations. Criminal indictments and convictions have been leveled in numerous states.

Last year alone, voter fraud investigations took place in 12 states: Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. ...

...The concern is why the Census should be "partnering" with an organization that has so frequently bribed people to register voters.

For a nonpartisan organization such as the Census, ACORN's political connections are also troubling.

Last year, the Obama campaign paid ACORN $800,000 to register voters and do other work. ABC News' Jake Tapper caught Obama campaign officials in numerous attempts to hide Mr. Obama's past connections with ACORN. Mr. Obama also gave ACORN money when he served on the board of the Woods Fund in Chicago. For all the work that he has done for ACORN over the years, Investor's Business Daily called Mr. Obama "ACORN's Senator." ...
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Euripides said...

During Abraham Lincoln's presidency, one of the popular songs and phrases was "the union forever." Under Barack Obama, the phrase now becomes "one party forever."

And we all know what happens to countries with one party rule.