Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"aborted fetuses offer 'at least a temporary solution' to the shortage of available organs for people in need of transplants."

It worked for Embryos so... A frighteningly accurate post by STR. Folks we need to wake up and fight...

Let's apply the same reasoning to unwanted fetuses. At least, that's what Oxford professor Richard Gardner is advocating, saying that "aborted fetuses offer 'at least a temporary solution' to the shortage of available organs for people in need of transplants."

From a Slate
Two arguments have persuaded the United States to fund stem-cell research using destroyed embryos. One is that the research will save lives. The other is that the embryos, left over from fertility treatments, will otherwise be wasted. Both arguments are now being applied to fetuses.

Apparently, "it is a shame to waste their organs," since they're going to die anyway.
We have reached a seemingly impassable great divide in Western culture--the divide at the root of conflict after conflict between the two sides. One side sees human life as intrinsically valuable, the other does not. One side has an unshakable grounding for human rights in a Creator, ensuring that no mere human or group of humans will be granted the authority to pick and choose which human beings are worthy or unworthy of rights based on whichever characteristics they happen to favor. The other pays lip service to the idea of human rights and dignity because the idea still feels good, but little by little lets those rights slip away when pressed by expediency. In the end, on their side, there is no real human value. Instead, the value lies in what a human can do, either alive or dead. And we get to decide in which of these two categories a human being will do the most good. This kind of value is not objective, but subjective, based on the preference of others. And since rights are granted by other humans, they can be taken away for a "good cause."

And that side will take away. I guarantee you this is only the beginning. (more)


Anonymous said...

You are correct....we need to wake up and fight!
I am driving the Red Envelope Day cause because I do believe that 50 million postcards are delivered in truckloads to DC - they will have to respond to this disgusting abomination of human life.
We've even made it easy for you to do! Please go to www.redenvelopeday.com and schedule a Red Envelope to be sent on March 31. It will cost you only $1.10 and 3 minutes. Please forward this message to your friends and family!
God Bless and have a wonderful day!

eutychus said...

Thanks. We've mentioned this fine protest a few days ago


Cerainly its worth another mention or three...