Friday, March 20, 2009

The Myth of the 46 Million Uninsured

The American Spectator article below shines some light on the large numbers thrown around by the Administration concerning health insurance. It also references 9 million people included in those numbers that are not American citizens. For details on what that means for one state (California) please see this article from Judicial Watch:

Budget Crisis Forces Cut In Free Illegal Immigrant Health Care

No wonder California is in financial distress.

Don't look for any change reference immigration reform though:

Pelosi: Un-American To Enforce Immigration Laws

Now back to the myth of the 46 million from Am Spec:

...When all of these factors are put together, the 2003 BlueCross BlueShield study determined that 8.2 million Americans are actually without coverage for the long haul, because they are too poor to purchase health care but earn too much to qualify for government assistance. Even being without insurance still doesn't mean they won't have access to care, because federal law forbids hospitals from denying treatment to patients who show up at the emergency rooms.

This exercise isn't about downplaying the problems facing the American health care system, but a necessary part of devising the proper remedies. Under current state laws, mandates force insurers to provide certain benefits, meaning that young and healthy Americans must choose between paying exorbitant premiums to cover treatments that they don't need or going without health insurance. Many of these so-called "young invincibles" who are included in the ranks of the uninsured could be wooed into the market were they allowed to purchase catastrophic insurance with lower monthly premiums.

Right now, the tax code exempts people from paying taxes on health care benefits purchased through their employer, while denying the same tax advantages to individuals. Ending this discrimination would make health care more affordable to those who are self-employed or not covered through their workplace. In addition, this would allow Americans to have health care policies that are portable, so it would reduce the gaps in coverage people can face when they quit or lose a job.

Those pushing for a major government intervention in health care are distorting the 46-million statistic to boost their cause, and by disseminating it so widely without further elaboration, the media is rigging the game in their favor.

According to a CNN poll more than 8 out of 10 Americans are satisfied with their healthcare:

More than eight in 10 Americans questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Thursday said they're satisfied with the quality of health care they receive.
And nearly three out of four said they're happy with their overall health care coverage

American Spectator comments on the poll and the headline here.


Euripides said...

You know the liberal mantra - create a "crisis" out of a problem then harp on the American people to cough up a lot of money to "fix" the problem. It's funny how these crises rotate each year - kind of like counting the seasons. We've just finished financial crisis season and are now moving on to healthcare crisis season. (Unless, of course, global warming crisis season preempts it.)

eutychus said...

They've got that "create a crisis" exercise down to an art form don't they?
And remember, its no longer global warming, it's climate change. Global warming is yesterday's crisis. ha!