Saturday, January 24, 2009

the REAL truth about hiring in the Justice Department

From SA

...The double standard still applies: Political considerations are okay if done by lefties, but evil if used by conservatives.

For what it’s worth, the Environmental Crimes Section of DoJ’s Environmental and Natural Resources Division (and indeed, almost certainly the entire division) is similarly staffed almost entirely with lefties. Do a Google search or an FEC or Open Secrets search on the political donations of the division’s attorneys, and you will see: Democrat after Democrat, lefty after lefty. Yet it is only conservatives who are run through the ringer for “politicized” hiring. This is an outrage.

For an example of the evil — yes, EVIL — that can be done by ideologically left, officious prosecutors, see all four pieces (follow all the internal links) in my
Washington Examiner package ( Examiner Special Report: How one good man’s intentions took him from a fuel cell to a jell cell) yesterday on a case study that might literally make you cry, about a sweet, earnest inventor now sitting in a federal prison for 21 months for “abandoning” hazardous waste that he didn’t really abandon and that was neither waste nor even, in the form that he packaged it, hazardous.

We’re in for a rough ride, folks.

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