Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Struggle for the Soul of Our Nation

By way of MereComments we get this from Robert P. George:

On the 26th anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, Robert P. George addresses The Struggle for the Soul of a Nation at the Witherspoon Institute. About the seven Supreme Court Justices who approve Roe v. Wade, George writes:

They were wrong on all counts. They were wrong about the Constitution. As William H. Rehnquist and Byron White, the two dissenting justices in the case, pointed out, it is absurd to claim that a right to feticide follows from the constitutional injunction that “no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” If the Constitution can be read to imply anything about abortion, it is that unborn human beings are, like everyone else, entitled to “the equal protection of the laws.” At a minimum, Roe and Doe were an outrageous usurpation of the constitutional authority of the people of the United States to shape law and policy through the institutions of representative government.

Read the article here:
Robert P. George: Our Struggle for the Soul of Our Nation

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