Monday, January 19, 2009


Chilling possibilites from Doctor Bulldog:

Breaking: This is just starting to hit the wires and the number of dead may already double what the NY Post is reporting. A few things are missing from the article and it needs to be looked into.
Was the AQIM fooling around with a bio weapon? It sounds to me like they experimented with a modified plague and planned to use a human vector as a delivery method. They lost control and killed themselves. The reports I just read claimed the infected people died within hours. Now I am not a doctor but I did not know any disease could do that. It is a little early to predict a pandemic but this could be serious.
19 January 2009,
NY Post
The United States has an unexpected ally in the war on terror - the black plague. The disease, which devastated Europe in the Middle Ages has struck down at least 20 al Qaeda fanatics training in a secret camp in Algeria, the London Sun reports. (more) original article here

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