Friday, January 23, 2009

Mom arrested, jailed for disciplining kids on plane

From OneNews Now:
The Patriot Act was enacted following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. But it has given airlines some latitude in dealing with what they may consider unruly behavior. A case in point is Tamara Jo Freeman, who in 2007 was flying on Frontier Airlines to Denver when she moderately spanked her unruly children, then responded with some profanities when confronted by a flight attendant. The Los Angeles Times reported this week that Freeman was arrested and spent three months in jail before entering a guilty plea. Mat Staverwith Liberty Counsel reacts to the story. "It makes no sense at all to convict some mother, who is trying to discipline her children, of violating a terrorism law -- a law that's defined as trying to stop terrorists, defined as trying to stop somebody from overthrowing or hijacking the plane," says the attorney....

...According to the Times, Freeman's conviction cost her custody of her children, who were placed in foster care during her incarceration. She is now trying to turn back legal proceedings in which the foster parents are seeking to adopt the children. (more)

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