Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hamas's 'Sole Strategy is Destruction and Chaos'

There is a good dose of Fatah camel hockey here but it's still interesting:
Mohammed Dahlan, 47, is the former head of security for Fatah in the Gaza Strip. In a SPIEGEL interview, he discusses the Israeli war against Hamas and why he believes the Islamist organization will lose the next election.
...SPIEGEL: But doesn't the war offer Fatah a new opportunity to assume power in Gaza again?
Dahlan: We will only return to Gaza after we have won an election -- not through military force. If you ask me personally, though, I am happy about the coup against Hamas.
SPIEGEL: What do you mean?
Dahlan: The Palestinians have now realized that Hamas is not capable of governing. Their leaders were celebrated as resistance fighters and for fighting corruption, but since their election they have lost all legitimacy. Their sole strategy is destruction and chaos. Hamas has lost its appeal -- and it will lose the next election.

Another good article from American Thinker on the destruction and chaos wrought by Hamas:
Hamas leaders take refuge in hospitals
Hamas' cruelty towards Israeli civilians is reflected in its cruelty to its own civilians. Hamas, like the other Arab/Muslim states and guerrillas, considers all Israelis as the enemy, making no distinction between civilians and military targets. Israeli hospitals, schools and homes are deliberately bombed.

But while Israel tries to
avoid civilian casualties Hamas cowardly exploits what they think is an Israeli weakness, exposing its own people to the terror it poured on Israel. (more)

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