Friday, January 9, 2009

Better keep all the witches, well-diggers and brass monkeys in

From AcuWeather:
Beyond the weekend, waves of arctic air will plunge over the eastern two-thirds of the nation. Blustery winds will usher the bitterly cold air southward, resulting in even colder and potentially dangerous RealFeel® temperatures.
The first wave of cold will grip the Midwest and Northeast Tuesday into Wednesday. The second wave later in the week will not only encompass more places east of the Rockies, but threatens to be harsher than the first.


Chewy said...

We're all going to freeze to death from this global warming catastrophe!


Anonymous said...

now, now, global warming is yesterday's hysteria. The scare of the day is "climate change". That way the only way they can be proven wrong is if the weather turns apathetic. Meanwhile we have much more to worry about from cooling. Rome began it's fall when the mini ice age occured and the barbarians crossed the frozen Rhine. Oh but wait, the barbarians are already here...