Sunday, January 4, 2009

Employer-Based Health Insurance: Why Congress Should Cap Tax Benefits Consistently

From the Heritage:
Too many Americans do not fully understand how the health insurance they receive through their employer is financed. Health insurance is, of course, a "fringe" benefit. Formal premium payments to health insurance companies are made by employers, just as employers pay for other fringe benefits, such as paid vacation, child care, education and training, or retirement plans.
Technically, however, the employer is not "giving" the employee anything: The employees pay for these benefits through a reduction in their wages or an employer's reduction of full-time staff.The number of part-time jobs is increased to accommodate workload without offering any additional fringe benefits.... (more)

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Steve said...

A lot of such adjustments are required to offer benefits to employees. After all, the company has to make profit which is its main goal
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