Monday, July 21, 2008

Not Your Ordinary Wafer

A very disturbing link to a very disturbed associate professor at the University of Minnesota-Morris:
Our Salvo editor sent me this link today, and I confess that I was both horrified and amused by PZ Myers' comments.
Because what's sadder? The anger or the stupidity behind his arguments and indignation? While reading his rant, I sat dumbfounded at his ignorance and also burst out laughing a few times because his outrage seemed...utterly ridiculous.
As a Roman Catholic, I understand exactly why Catholics were appalled and upset by the young man who ran off with a consecrated host. Catholics believe in Transubstantiation, Mr. Myers. That boy wasn't just waltzing off with a cracker - to Catholics, that is Jesus. We believe in Jesus' real, actual, divine presence in the Eucharist as strongly as some people believe we evolved from apes, the earth was created by aliens or we are all one with nature through the mother goddess.
Are we to be denied our first amendment rights to hold such a belief? Must we be mocked and ridiculed for our traditions? How would anyone like it if his or her house was broken into and something precious was stolen? (

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