Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Great Evil Afoot

At First Things from the closing address of Richard John Neuhaus at the annual convention of the National Right to Life Committee:
...The culture of death is an idea before it is a deed. I expect many of us here, perhaps most of us here, can remember when we were first encountered by the idea. For me, it was in the 1960s when I was pastor of a very poor, very black, inner city parish in Brooklyn, New York. I had read that week an article by Ashley Montagu of Princeton University on what he called “A Life Worth Living.” He listed the qualifications for a life worth living: good health, a stable family, economic security, educational opportunity, the prospect of a satisfying career to realize the fullness of one’s potential. These were among the measures of what was called “a life worth living.”
And I remember vividly, as though it were yesterday, looking out the next Sunday morning at the congregation of St. John the Evangelist and seeing all those older faces creased by hardship endured and injustice afflicted, and yet radiating hope undimmed and love unconquered. And I saw that day the younger faces of children deprived of most, if not all, of those qualifications on Prof. Montagu’s list. And it struck me then, like a bolt of lightning, a bolt of lightning that illuminated our moral and cultural moment, that Prof. Montagu and those of like mind believed that the people of St. John the Evangelist—people whom I knew and had come to love as people of faith and kindness and endurance and, by the grace of God, hope unvanquished—it struck me then that, by the criteria of the privileged and enlightened, none of these my people had a life worth living. In that moment, I knew that a great evil was afoot. The culture of death is an idea before it is a deed.

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John Lofton, Recovering Republican said...

If the National Right To Life Committee is pro-life, why has it endorsed John McCain who thinks it should remain "legal" for unborn babies to be murdered by abortion if they are in the womb because of rape/incest? The question is not rhetorical. It deserves an answer. Please visit our web site and put the NRTLC and the name of its counsel Jim Bopp into our search engine. PS -- Pro-life means pro ALL unborn life, no exceptions. All abortions are murder.

John Lofton, Editor, TheAmericanView.com