Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gore forecasts ice cap meltdown within years

From WND:
Arrives at meeting in motorcade, suggests attendees ride bicycles
A complete meltdown of the North Pole ice cap resulting in environmental catastrophes for Greenland and other northern nations, generating a flood of "climate refugees." The latest horror flick storyline? No. Al Gore's latest forecast.
Gore has declared that because of the potentially horrifying consequences, he wants the U.S. to move to entirely renewable sources of electricity within 10 years.
"[It's] fantastic that he set the goal he did," said Alan Cohen of the Baltimore Climate Action Network, an offshoot of Chesapeake Climate Action Network. "I also wish Gore were running for president, but that's another issue.
yeah, vote for him for president 'cause he makes a lousy scientist. Check those polar icecaps here
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