Monday, July 21, 2008

Just one of the many problems facing higher education described over at Salvo..:
...Last night I had the misfortune to sit through a 90 minute lecture on "Church" History that covered the time frame from 100 A.D.-500 A.D. I was induced to attend because my sister's friend helped organize the talk and there was also free pizza and beer. Yet no amount of Home Run Inn Pizza or Coors Light beer could make the digestion of that talk go down in a pleasant manner. The professor stated at the beginning of the talk that she was going to "dismantle" what the audience thought they knew about history so that she could "build you up again" with the truth. The point of the lecture, as in, "what WAS the professor trying to teach us" is uncertain. But one "fact" that the good Ph.D. Doctor imparted was that Christians weren't REALLY persecuted by the Romans, they didn't really get killed all that often by the state, that only every 40 or 50 years or so would a Roman Emperor go on a killing spree, and that "no matter what the history books say" Christians weren't really living in fear that they might get killed.
Now, the point of why I'm writing all this is NOT to get into a debate about the treatment of Christians in the Roman Empire. What struck me then, as it strikes me now, is that this woman, who has a Ph.D. and probably spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of study to obtain her degree, managed to learn what exactly? What was the point of all that studying to come away from university with falsehoods filling her brain---falsehoods that are being imparted on her students. ..
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