Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Commentary from Eutychus

You know, I just don't understand those who think this is "Bush's War" or that he lied. Here is some ammo for discussions with your friends (though I know you don't need it)
I will be the first to say that mistakes were made in the prosecution of this war, and I will name them for you, and I think those things should be talked about. But we seem to lose sight of a few things. Namely:
1. There was never a question about whether there were WMD. He used them on numerous occasions. The question is, "where did they go?"
2. Once someone has chemical or biological weapons, he doesn't have to have them to be a threat. He is a threat because a.) he can easily make them again and/or b.) he can show someone else how to make them.
3. He flaunted numerous U.N. resolutions which threatened him with military action
4. Regime change was a Clinton Policy
5. He had numerous ties with terrorist groups http://eutychusblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/rest-of-story.html as reported by the Washington Times. One of these later became associated with Al Qaida.

Having said that, we should know understand that not even the democrats are proposing getting out right away. Even Obama is saying we take one brigade away at a time and keep troops near by or in country for contingencies and defence of the embassy. Taking troops out a brigade at a time will leave us there for years.. which is a good thing because if we leave, that will not be the last we hear of war in that part of the world. Because we will not let Israel fight alone. Nor should we.

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