Sunday, March 30, 2008

“Keep libraries safe for kids”- ACLU asks board to relax pornography controls computers

Are Libraries safe? I'm beginning to wonder. You may remember this post from earlier about the librarian who was fired for reporting the "patron" viewing child porn?
Maybe the ex-ACLU exec busted for child porn had friends?

The Sacramento Public Library Authority Board is being pushed by the American Civil Liberties Union to increase access to pornography on taxpayer-funded computers. ...

A Pacific Justice Institute affiliated attorney will be present to counter ACLU claims that the First Amendment requires taxpayer-funded access to porn, and to remind the board of the many tragic instances where lax policies have resulted in sex crimes taking place at libraries. ...

In a letter to the Sacramento library board, the ACLU specifically identified the needs of youth to have access to information about gay and lesbian issues, contraception, and other sexual materials without their parents' knowledge. (link here)

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