Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Waterboarding: The Ultimate Mind Game

This is a very good article describing the process commonly referred to as "waterboarding"
I still struggle with this but I think the inclusion of a physician is a good idea.

"In applying the waterboarding technique to terrorist interrogations today, Wages suggests just one change -- adding a physician to the interrogation team to monitor safe application and to avoid abuses by overzealous interrogators.
We continue to struggle with the political correctness of using waterboarding on terrorists suspected of withholding information critical to saving lives. Wages favors using the technique to tap into such live-saving information. After all, this procedure was used against US citizens in a training environment to teach students how quickly the human will can be broken, without causing lingering physical injuries. Therefore, it can be similarly used against terrorists who also need only understand the limits of their own determination, thereby yielding information to save lives they would otherwise seek to take."
full article here

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