Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Cross and the President

The cross is restored to Wren Chapel at William and Mary (at last level heads prevail) and a good article from what is perhaps one of the driving forces behind it excerpted below, and found in it's entirety here. It make some very good points for future and ongoing discussions. May we all pray for such clarity of thought.

.."we all want the religious minorities, both actual and hypothetical, to feel welcome and happy, but should this be at the price of insulting the religious sentiments of the Christian majority? If it hurts a Muslim's feelings to step into a Christian chapel and see a cross, isn't it even more hurtful for a Christian to step into a Christian chapel and have the cross removed? Shouldn't Hindus and Muslims expect to see crosses in Christian chapels? How would they feel if we went to Pakistan and removed Muslim symbols from the mosques over there, in order to make us feel welcome? Would a lively church-state discussion ensue, or would we end up running for our lives?" (link here)

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