Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Florida's Darwinian Interlude

From the American Spectator
By Ben Stein Published 2/20/2008 12:08:44 AM
Just a few tiny, insignificant little questions.

* How did the universe start?
* Where did matter come from?*
* Where did the laws of motion, thermodynamics, physics, chemistry, come from?*
* How did inorganic matter, that is, lifeless matter such as dirt and rocks, become living beings?
* Has anyone ever observed beyond doubt the evolution of a new mammalian or aviary species, as opposed to changes within a species?

These teeny weeny little questions are just some of the issues as to which Darwin and Darwinism have absolutely no verifiable answers. Hypotheses. Yes. Guesses. Yes. Proof? None.To my little pea brain, these are some pretty big issues about evolution, the origins of life, and genetics that Darwinism cannot answer. Now, to be fair, does anyone else have verifiable answers either? Not as far as I know.

But if there are no answers that can be reproduced in the laboratory, isn't any theory about them a hypothesis or a guess? Isn't any hypothesis worth thinking about? And aren't these immense questions?

I don't know about ANY hypothesis but the point is well taken. Full article here

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