Sunday, February 17, 2008

United Methodsit Bishop Offers Controversial Message at Pro-life Service

from the IRD
In a denomination whose official statement on abortion is ambiguous enough to be considered pro-choice, the faithful witness of United Methodist officials and pro-life groups can be very powerful. At the annual Lifewatch worship service in Washington, DC, Bishop William Willimon of the North Alabama Annual Conference recognized the influence of the organization’s commitment to truth and the sanctity of life, remarking candidly, “For twenty years Lifewatch has witnessed against the sin of abortion.”

Not surprisingly, the Bishop’s usage of the word “sin” to describe killing an unborn child has already provoked terse disapproval among other denominational officials. Linda Bales, one of a handful of General Board of Church and Society executives who attended the service, told the United Methodist News Service, “What the church doesn’t need are episcopal leaders who add shame and guilt to the millions of women caught in circumstances leading to abortion by categorizing abortion as ‘sin.’” (full article here)

He used the word "sin"! gasp!
God Bless him and Lifewatch, and have mercy on the rest of us who remain silent.

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