Thursday, December 31, 2009

Did The Obama Administration Violate An Executive Order By Releasing Qais Qazali?

From the Weekly Standard Blog:

Did the Obama administration, by releasing Qais and Laith Qazali and
 more than 100 members of the Iranian-backed Asaib al Haq,
violate an executive order put in place by President
Ronald Reagan to prevent negotiations with hostage
takers?  (more))


Teresa said...

Great find!
Alright, this is outrageous and violates U.S. policy of not negotiating with terrorists. This crap has to stop. Exchanging prisoners only encourages the terrorists to keep on committing atrocities. What the hell is Obama and his administration thinking when negotiating with terrorists during a time of war? Oh, nevermind, these are the same nuts who donated thousands of hours working on behalf of the terrorists during the Bush years.

I'll be passing this along, soon, with a linkback.

eutychus said...

Happy New Year Teresa! As always, thanks for stopping in and adding yur insights.

eutychus said...