Saturday, January 2, 2010

Obama's Safe Schools Czar and the Assault on Our Children

An excellent cataloging of the litany of filth and the sexual assault of our children
 by Obama's so called "Safe Schools Czar." From Gateway Pundit:

For any of you out there who haven’t been following this story, I suggest
 you go back here and read for yourself what Kevin Jennings’
 organization GLSEN has been pushing on children in America. Then ask
 yourself if this man should be the “Safe Schools Czar.” If you still think
 he should keep his job you should probably seek help. This scandal isn’t
 about left or right. It’s not about being a good Democrat or Republican.
 It’s not about gay versus straight. This story is about keeping
America’s children safe. (more)


Magister Christianus said...

Thanks for posting this, Eutychus. I followed the link, which took me to Read through some of this stuff. It is unbelievable. I agree with Gateway Pundit. This is not a matter of gay versus straight. I would be as stridently opposed to this if it were heterosexual. This is why we must work on two fronts...ever holding up the truth within the public square while at the same time supporting Christian schools that, not because they shelter our children, but because they actual teach them the truth.

eutychus said...

Sorry for the delay in responding but you are absolutely right. It is a sordid series of articles. Unbelievable that someone like that cold be considered for ANY public post, much less one dealing with children.