Saturday, January 2, 2010

It’s Not So Bad

Looking around ourselves, it may be easy to feel just a little bit desperate. Unemployment numbers are
 high, and people we know may be out of work, and may have been so for some time. Massive 
government spending accelerates, with no end in sight. Those we have elected to represent us in the halls
 of government have lost sight of who placed them in their positions of responsibility. In truth, they seem
 to have lost their understanding of the very word “responsibility”, except as it has been twisted by them
 to place all sins upon the heads of those who have gone before. We see new laws being thrust upon us
 that we fear will threaten if not destroy basic freedoms we enjoy today.
Now I feel desperate. However, turning away from the 24-hour news cycle and its 30-second analysis, there are encouraging signs all around us.
First, we can look at the approval polls. Americans are waking up. Glancing at the Real Clear Politics average, we see the President’s job approval currently sitting at 49.5 % approval, 45.1 % disapproval.
 That does not sound like he is bringing a lot of hope and change, at least not the kind of hope and
 change that people thought he would be bringing. The numbers are even worse on Congressional
 approval 27.4 % approval, 65.8 % disapproval. 56% of Americans believe that the country is headed
 down the wrong track. This is a recipe for change, and the harder big government statists push, the
 worse these numbers will get.

Second, we can look at the moves being taken right now surrounding the health care bill. Looking at
 page 1020 of the bill, the Senate is trying to make it more difficult to repeal the health care bill. They
 have to have a sense that this is a very deeply unpopular move. Moreover, while they may be saying
 that they are not expecting a huge backlash among voters when they return to their districts this
 holiday season, something tells me they are a) mistaken, and b) they know it.

I am not saying things are peaches and cream. We have a long fight ahead of us. We have many
 people to convince. Making our representatives aware that we are not pleased with them is a first

The next one is convincing our friends and neighbors that those representatives should be fired and

In addition, while we are at it, we need to convince them that Americans do better without the 
well-meaning parental guidance of the government – any government. We stand best when we 
stand on our own, helping each other of our own free will. We learn best when we make our own
 choices and our own mistakes. This will not be an easy task. We need to remind them of our
 great heritage – of the sacrifices our forefathers made for us, and of the need for us to make those 
same kinds of sacrifices for those who follow after us.

None of this will be easy. We have a lot of momentum built up against us. We also will be 
contending with those in positions of power and influence who stand to lose a lot if we can convince
 people to stand on their own two feet. We cannot expect things to be quick or simple. Nor can we
 expect to convince everyone. It is going to be a long, hard slog. Nevertheless, let us not forget the 
things that we do have going for us.

Despite these recent, regrettable moves by our elected representatives, we still live in a country that
 is one of the most free, most successful and most secure as any in recorded history.

We have the strength of our principles, which give us a compass to chart our course.

We have the weight of history, which supports our views on small government, and the power of
 the individual.

And we are not alone.

So, this next year, let us move forward. Let us learn to speak and act with forethought and 
confidence. Let us rely on each other and on Divine Providence, no matter what form you may believe.
 In addition (to coin a phrase that has been less popular of late), let us stand up for truth, justice, and
 the American Way.

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