Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two amendments voted down yesterday

There were two amendments voted down yesterday in the House regarding HR3200 Healthcare Bill.

1) One amendment was to wait on the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) analysis of the revised bill cost estimates. As you recall the first draft was estimated at $1.3T, and we know how accurate the government estimates are…… Well this amendment was voted down by the Democrats. They do not want to wait to understand the cost estimates.
2) The other amendment was to allow 72 hours to read the bill. Again, the Democrats voted this amendment down.

Who are these people we elected? How many of us would buy a car without knowing the cost, or reading the contract? Yet the politicians want to spend our money on something they know not the cost or what the document says? Where does the government get its money, oh yea, OUR TAX DOLLARS? The government had no money!

Please call your Representative today to let them know how pleased you are with their actions yesterday!

You might also ask them when there is to be a formal investigation of Acorn regarding the underage illegal immigrant prostitution ring. Did you know the IRS has now joined the Department of HUD in canceling all Acorn contracts?

We need gridlock. No bills out of Congress until we get the corruption under control. This is truly a bipartisan effort.


Robert said...

Could you provide a link?
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Chewy said...

My apologies, it was in the Senate.