Friday, September 25, 2009

Something New

As I have been in the high desert of New Mexico these last few weeks, providing weather support for the Army, and because we have had pretty good weather, I have been thinking. This is usually not a good thing.

I have decided to change up the blog a bit. I have begun to include most of the sources for my information and organize them on the left hand side of the blog in easily accessible format.

It is my hope that on those days when I am unavailable because of location (like New Mexico) or simply due to the hectic schedule that family life affords, (even on the best of days) you might still visit and peruse the far more intelligent voices that populate the sidebar. I'll still post on, or more than likely, bring to your attention, something of note as I see it but if not you can still come here and find something worth your time.

It may be that items of a more reflective nature, such as prayer studies (of which I am woefully behind on) or my meager attempts at writing, will migrate to my other blog "Redeemed Time" which has languished like a bad oyster casserole in another place in this cyber refrigerator. But for now, things are pretty much as they have been, except more "newsy" if you will. I hope you enjoy the change.

Your thoughts on this new idea are appreciated, as would be anyone with knowledge on how to turn this template into a three column format.


Chewy said...

Tell the New Mexicans Goober says Hey!

eutychus said...

They were pleased to hear you weren't coming since legally you aren't allowed across the border. :-)